Murielle_website (2017_07_10 08_58_35 UTC)Welcome to my research page!

I am a researcher passionate about evolution, and particularly how mating behaviours and interactions between sexes and their gametes affect speciation and maintenance of biodiversity.
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Currently  in Jenny Boughman’s lab at Michigan State University, I study evolution of sensory systems and reproduction in Icelandic Threespine stickelbacks.
(Postdoc, 2018-2019, Swiss NSF postdoctoral fellow, 2019-present)


I did my PhD in Anna Qvarnström‘s group at the Animal Ecology department of Uppsala University, studying speciation in collared and pied flycatchers, combining field work, lab work and analyses of our long term database. See here for a link to my dissertation!
(PhD, 2011-2017)

6 jours

Moving on to fascinating underwater worlds, I then joined Simone Immler‘s lab for a short project on germline evolution in zebrafish.
(Postdoc, 2017-2018)

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