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Conference organizers: take a look at these recommendations by Warwick Social Sciences on “creating inclusive conferences for academics with caring responsibilities” !

The life of an academic parent is well summarized in this recent cartoon by PhDcomics, with epistatic effects resulting in very little sleep but so many questions!!!

What I love most about my two little balls of energy is that they have actually forced me to have real, work-free evenings and week-ends for the past five years. This has not been without stress but I think that it did help me a lot in keeping some sanity during my PhD work.

Some of the things I enjoy the most about my job, field work and presenting at international conferences, involves a lot of traveling. Thanks to amazing support from my partner, extended family and PhD supervisor, as well as very accommodating colleagues and field crews, everybody has been following me all over the world for these things so far. But now that the little one is two, this is starting to get quite costly.

While other blogs and articles are great resources describing the difficulties and joys of combining family and an academic career (see for example Mama is an Academic or this article for a humorous take on the situation), the purpose of this page is to maintain a list of family friendly conferences, courses, grants and fellowships supporting travel costs or child care.

Recent articles have addressed the urgent need for things to change and accommodate parents or parents-to-be at international meetings (Calisi, Science 2018), with useful and concrete propositions on how to go about making these changes (Calisi et al. PNAS 2018 about the suggestions for CARE: Childcare, Accommodate families, Resources, Establish social networks). The Genetic Society of America was also recently looking for volunteers to form a Conference Childcare Committee to accommodate parental needs at future meetings. I am looking forward to see the results of this initiative!

fieldwork with julia
sampling with linnea

Below is a list of childcare friendly organizers and fellowships, mostly from my field of behavioural and evolutionary biology. Please help me updating it with anything that might be relevant! (see contact form below)

Future meetings

AFS/TWS 2019 (American Fisheries Society and The Wildlife Society joint meeting) childcare on-site, more info to come (Reno, USA, September 2019)

AOS 2019(American Ornithology Society) Children welcome to the meeting and to the final event, lactation room, very flexible carer’s grants (see below), the organizers are looking into onsite childcare and summer camps options (Anchorage, Alaska, June 2019)

ASAB summer 2019 (Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour) on-site babysitter service and carer grants of up to £500 to cover extra costs at home or when bringing children to the meeting (Konstanz, DE, August 2019)

ASCB/EMBO 2019(American Society for Cell Biology & European Molecular Biology Organization): all children under 17 welcome to the conference site,  childcare grants to help with extra costs at home/ on-site or travel costs for children and/or extra carer. Apply by September 24 . (Washington DC, USA, December 2019)

ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) free on-site childcare (fully booked), mother’s room (Tempa, USA, June 2019)

ASHG 2019 (American Society of Human Genetics) Family/nursing room and on-site daycare, 50-100$/day, apply by September 13, 2019 (Houston, USA, October 2019).

Botany 2019 on-site childcare for children 6months-12yo, 5$/hour, register by July 1st (Tucson, USA, July 2019)

Codeland (CodeNewbie, Github) Free on-site childcare (NYC, USA, July 2019)

CCCE 2019 (Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition): on-site childcare for $30/day, register by April 23, 2019 (Quebec City, Canada, June 2019)

DDD Melbourne 2019 (Software development) Children welcome and free on-site childcare (Melbourne, Australia, August 2019)

EBPS 2019 (European Behavioural Pharmacology Society ) free on-site childcare. Register by August 16th (Braga, Portugal, August 2019)

EEF 15 (European Ecological Federation) subsidized childcare, family room and breast-feeding room (Lisbon, Portugal, July 2019)

Engineering and Evolving Viruses to Expand Functionality (Janelia Research Center) on-site childcare (fee not indicated) (Janelia, USA, September 2019)

ESA/USSEE 2019 (Ecological Society of America / United States Society for Ecological Economics) on-site childcare (94.50$/day) (Louisville, USA, August 2019)

ESEB 2019 (European Society for Evolutionary Biology): on-site daycare (5eur/day), free attendance under 16yo, play and nursing area, pram accessible everywhere, special loges for family to view the talks, attendance grants of 250 eur to help with care at home/on-site/extra travel costs (Turku, Finland, August 2019)

ETUG25 (Educational Technology User Group) Free childcare on-site provided by BCcampus, limited space, sign-up at registration (Kamloops, BC, Canada, June 2019)

Evolution 2019 Free on-site childcare during the daily sessions and Sunday evening Poster session, for infants to teens. Private nursing room with refrigerator available. (June 2019 Rhode Island, USA)

GOLDSCHMIDT 2019 (European Association of Geochemistry / Geochemical Society) Children welcome to the conference free of charge, room for nursing mothers, on-site subsidized childcare (10Eur/halfday) (Barcelona, Spain, August 2019)

IC2S2 (International Conference on Computational Social Science) on-site childcare, 100eur/day (Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 2019)

ICML 2019 (International Conference for researchers on Machine Learning) Childcare at the conference venue, 12 hours/day with meals provided to any children (ages 6months-12years) of registered participants.
Advance registration deadline: May 10, 2019. (June 2019, Long Beach, CA, USA )

ISBE 2020 (International Societey for Behavioral Ecology) free on-site childcare (Melbourne, Australia, September 2020)

I,Scientist (Gender, Career Path and Networking) Free on-site childcare, register by August 15 2019 (Berlin, DE, September 2019)

ISMB/ECCB 2019 (Intelligent System for Molecular Biology/European Conference on Computational Biology): Private nursing room and Free on-site childcare 8am-8pm for children aged 3 months old to 12 yo (Basel, Switzerland, July 2019)

JMIH 2019 (Joint Meeting of the Ichthyologists and Herpetologists) on-site childcare for 5$/hour (Snowbird, USA, July 2019)

NAM2019 (National Astronomy Meeting) free on-site childcare and £250 carer grant (Lancaster, UK, July 2019)

Nutrition 2019 (American Society for Nutrition) Children allowed on site, lactation room and family-carer grants of up to 750$ to cover childcare on the conference site or travel of carers or dependents to the site/to a carer away from home (Baltimore, USA, June 2019)

PB19 (American Society of Plant Biologists): on-site daycare ($10/hour per child) (San Jose, USA, August 2019)

PHPCI 2019 (Public Health Palliative Care International) free on-site childcare for all delegates (Australia, October 2019)

PyConDE & PyData 2019 (Python language German Conference) free on-site childcare (Berlin, Germany, October 2019)

PYCON 2019 (Python Software Fundation) On-site subsidized childcare, 50$/day per child, 3 days for the price of 2, infant to 12yo. Private nursing room available (Cleveland, USA, May 2019)

SEB Seville 2019 (Society for Experimental Biology) on-site childcare, 20 gpb/day, for children 0-12 yo (Seville, Spain, July 2019)

SOTM 2019 (Species on the Move) asks attendants to specify their childcare needs at registration, will have nursing room, and travel grants can be partially used to cover childcare. (Kruger National Park, South Africa, July 2019).

SIAM-IMA student chapter conference (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics -Institute of Mathematics and its Applications) Grants supporting childcare for oral presenters (Reading, UK, June 2019)

SMBE 2019 (Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution) On site day-care and carer travel award of up to $2000 to help covering extra care at home, travel fair for children or accompanying carers or on-site daycare (Manchester, UK, July 2019)

SPR 2019 (Society for Psychophysiological Research) offers family care grants (up to $400 per family) to help supporting dependents at home or at the meeting. (Washington, USA, September 2019).

Summer School in Social Neuroscience & Neuroeconomics will provide childcare and nursing rooms during the day and express ship your pumped milk home to an infant. (June 2019, Durham, NC, USA)

Recent meetings

AACR (American Association for Cancer Research): nursing suites and on-site childcare ($12/hour) (Atlanta, USA, March 2019)

AAG 2019 (American Association of Geographers) on-site subsidized childcare (5-6$/hour) for 6mo to 12 yo (Washington DC, USA, April 2019)

AAS 2019 (American Astronomical Society) competitive childcare grants for members, deadline November 30 2018 (Seattle, USA, January 2019)

ABACBS 2018 (Australian Bioinformatics And Computational Biology Society ) on-site childcare, registration fee (Melbourne, Australia, November 2018)

AFS 2018 (American Fisheries Society) proposes childcare for a daily rate or $240 for 4 full days (August 2018, Atlantic City, USA).

Agile India 2019 (Agile Software Community of India) free on-site childcare from 2 yo (Bengaluru, India, March 2019)

AGU 2018 (American Geophysicial Union ) subsidized on-site childcare, childcare grants available from AGU biogeosciences (Washington DC, USA, December 2018)

AMN9 (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology) is aiming to have a childcare option provided on site for pre-school age children. Please contact Catherine Gibbs (Catherine.Gibbs@vuw.ac.nz) if you need these services! (Wellington, New Zealand, February 2019) ANS 2018 (Australasian Neuroscience Society): offers carers grants of up to $500 to help with extra childcare costs at home or on the conference site (Brisbane, AUS, December 2018)

ASBMB 2019 (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology): childcare grant of up to $1000 for extra costs at home or at the meeting, deadline November 16 (Orlando, USA, April 2019)

ASCB/EMBO 2018(American Society for Cell Biology): all children under 17 welcome to the conference site, on-site infant room and childcare grants (San Diego, USA, December 2018)

ASHG 2018 (American Society of Human Genetics) offers subsidized childcare on the conference site as well as a family/nursing room. (San Diego, USA, October 2018)

ASI 2018 WA (Australian Society for Immunology) subsidized on-site childcare (max 100AU$/day and child) and 4 travel awards of up to 1000 AU$ each for childcare (Perth, Australia, December 2018)

ASLO summer meeting 2018 (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography), while not able to provide childcare, was encouraging parents to get in contact and share child care during the meeting (Victoria BC, Canada, June 2018)

ASPB 2018 (American Society for Plant Biology) partially subsidized on-site daycare (Montreal, CA, July 2018)

ASTRO 18 (American Society for Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer Care) will have childcare at their conference ($15/hour and child ), more info on the registration form. (October 2018, Texas, USA)

BEACON 2018 (NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action) The congress arranged FREE childcare for 3 full days during the meeting, including meals for the children. Tested and approved! My 4 yo loved it! (August 2018, East-Lansing, USA)

BES 2018 (British Ecological Society) Childcare on the conference site (£40/day), nursing rooms, reduced registration rates for accompanying persons and special family registration rates (Birmingham, UK, December 2018)

Cell Symposia 2018, Elsevier Family Support Awards (Basel, Switzerland, June 2018)

CES 2018 (Cultural Evolution Society Conference) offered some inclusivity awards for caregiver (waiving the conference fee), are facilitating organization of childcare through their website and welcome babies, children and caregivers to all of the conference events (Tempe, Arizona, USA, October 2018)

Creating Connections 6.0 (Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science and Technology) on-site childcare, 25$/day and child. (May 2019, Vancouver, CA)

CSEE 2018 (Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution) has outdoors and sports camps for 4-18 years old kids (Guelph, Canada, July 2018)

ECCB 2018 (European Congress of Conservation Biology) offered free childcare on the conference site, including meals and diapers, for kids 6 months to 7 years. Kids under 16 could attend the meeting for free. There was a lactation room with fridges for storing milk. (Finland)

EGU General Assembly 2019 (European Geosciences Union) Free on-site childcare for children 3-11 yo (Vienna, Austria, April 2019)

Entomology 2018 (Entomological Society of America): child care grants (Vancouver, Canada, November 2018)

ESA 2018 (Ecological Society of America) proposes childcare services , as well as lactation and nursing rooms on the conference site (New Orleans, USA, August 2018)

ESAus 2018 (Ecological Society of Australia): childcare travel grant to help towards a carer’s travel costs, discount for families were both parents are presenting and sharing childcare (Brisbane, Australia, November 2018)

ESEB 2018 (European Society for Evolutionary Biology) offered congress attendance aid grant , highly subsidized on-site childcare (5€/day) and nursing rooms (Montpellier, France, August 2018)

Europhysiology 2018 offers free childcare and free attendance for all kids under 18. They also have a carer’s fund to support members with caring responsibilities or those in need of carers. (London, UK, September 2018)

EvoDemo 2019 (Evolutionary Demography Society) is working on childcare options and welcomes all caregivers to the meeting, free of charge (Miami, USA, January 2019)

FOSS4G 2018 (international gathering of open source geospatial users, developers, and researchers) Free childcare and spousal programme (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, August 2018)

GDC 2019 (Game Developers Conference) on-site childcare for 6months-12 yo, 12$/hour (San-Francisco, USA, March 2019)

GGM 2018 (Geek Girls Meetup) had free on-site daycare (London, UK, December 2018)

GHC 2018 (Grace Hopper Celebration by AnitaB.org and ACM, for women technologists) Nursing room and free childcare for the first 110 children registered (0-13yo) (Houston,USA, September 2018)

GRC Speciation 2019 (Gordon Research Conference), offers guests and child registration packages that allow guests and family to share accommodation and meals. Kids under 4 are free, 4-12 yo half price. Local (paid) babysitting services available through care.com website (Ventura, CA, USA, March 2019)

ICML 2018 (International Conference on Machine Learning): on-site childcare (no info online anymore) (Stockholm, Sweden, July 2018)

FOSS4G 2018 (international gathering of open source geospatial users, developers, and researchers) Free childcare and spousal programme (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, August 2018)

IBS 2019 (International Biogeography Society) Free on-site childcare for children 3-12 yo, nursing room, babies and nursing mothers and babies welcome at the conference (Malaga, Spain, January 2019)

ICCB 2017 (International Congress for Conservation Biology) offered on-site childcare, breast-feeding/pumping rooms, and mentioned baby-friendly talk attendance as well as welcoming all ages to the closing party (Columbia)

ICN 2018 (International Congress of Neuroendocrinology) offer a nursing room and subsidized childcare (Toronto, Canada, July 2018)

ICN 2018 Oceania (International Society for Neuroethology) recommends babysitting services in town (Brisbane, Australia, July 2018).

IMCC5 (International Marine Conservation Congress) offers childcare at a special rate (20$/day) for kids 3-12 as well as the first International Marine Kids Congress for kids 7-14 organized by science instructors and including lessons, field work and mini science projects for 30 kids. (June 2018 , Sarawak, Malaysia)

ISBE 2016, congress of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology offered free childcare at the conference center in Exeter (UK).

ISBE 2018 (International Society for Behavioral Ecology) has subsidized childcare options. Details were available at registration and are not online anymore. Contact the organizers directly at isbe2018@umn.edu (Minneapolis, USA, August 2018)

IUSSI 2018 (International Union for the Study of Social Insects), childcare options at one of the hotels, no info about price online (August 2018, Guarujá, Brazil).

IZFC 2018 (International Zebra Fish Conference) offered childcare for an hourly fee (Madison, USA, June 2018).

JMIH 2018 (Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists) subsidized childcare on spot (7am-10pm, 5$/hour). (Rochester, USA, July 2018)

JMM 2019 (Joint Meeting of Mathematics) Nursing rooms on-site and childcare grants of $250 per family for AMS or MAA members (Baltimore USA, January 2019)

MEM 2018 (1st Münster Evolution Meeting): free daycare on the conference site (Münster, Germany, October 2018)

Microbio 2019 (Microbiology Society): free on-site childcare for 0-12 years old. (Belfast, Norther Ireland, April 2019)

MRS 2018 (Material Research Society) offers a limited number of $300 childcare grants to help with extra costs at the conference or at home. Application due October 31st! (Boston, USA, November 2018)

NACCB 2018 (North American Congress for Conservation Biology): Financial help for parents in need of childcare subsidy during the conference (Toronto, Canada, July 2018)

NEPG 2018 (North East Postgraduate conference): children welcome, breastfeeding welcome anywhere on the conference venue, quiet room with changing and breastfeeding facilities, free on-site daycare (Newcastle, UK, November 2018)

Neuroscience 2018 by the SFN (Society for Neuroscience) offers childcare services for children 6 months to 12 years (100$/day) and a nursing room on the conference site. (San Diego, USA, November 2018)

NIPS 2018(Neural Information Processing System) will have on-site childcare (10$/hour) and a nursing room at their event. You can apply for a Google/DeepMind grant of up to 100$/day to help covering these costs or the costs of a personal provider, applications by 2 November 2018! (December 2018, Montréal, Canada)

NPA 2019 (National Postdoctoral Association): conference childcare awards of up to $500 (limited to one per institution), apply by November 7, 2018 (Orlando, USA, April 2019)

NZFSS 2018 (New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society) will have a family room at the conference venue and can help link you to childcare. More info during registration. (Nelson, NZ, December 2018)

Ocean Sciences 2018 was providing childcare, no more details available anymore on their website (USA)

PEQG 2018 (Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics Conference) organized by the Genetics Society of America proposed childcare services (for an hourly fee) and had a private lactation room on the conference site (USA).

Plant Biology 2018 partners with a national service and offers subsidized childcare services (Montréal, Canada, July 2018)

POPGROUP 52(Population Genetic Group): selected number of bursaries for childcare assistance (Oxford, UK, January 2019).

PSA 2018 (the Philosophy of Science Association): on-site childcare for 6 months old to 12yo (60-120$/day depending on the day and age), nursing room, dependent care subsidies of up to 200$, to use on site or at home, for members only (Seattle, USA, November 2018)

Pycon 2018 (Python Software Foundation) offered partially subsidized childcare services and private nursing/pumping rooms on the conference site (USA)

SCBO 2018 (Society for Conservation Biology Oceania) has a partnership with a nannies provider, they can be hired for one or 2 families at a time in the hotel room (Wellington, New Zealand, July 2018)

SFS 2018 (Society for Freshwater Science) had two lactation suites and a family room on site at the conference (Detroit, USA, May 2018)

SICB 2018 (The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology) offered childcare services (8-10$/ hr) on site (San-Francisco, USA, January 2018)

SICB 2019 (The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology) Free childcare on site provided by Preferred Sitters,register by December 4th! A nursing/pumping private room will also be available (January 2019, Tampa, USA)

SMBE2018 (Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution) offers free childcare on the conference site (Yokohama, Japan, July 2018)

TechIntersections (Womxn of color in computing) free childcare on-site (Oakland, USA, January 2019)

VicBioCon2019 (Victorian Biodiversity Conference) Breaking Barriers Grant (up to 500$/person) can be used for childcare, among other things (Melbourne, AU, February 2019)

WiDS 2019 (Annual Global Women in Data Science) Free on-site childcare for registered participants (Charlotesville, USA, March 2019)

WM2019 (Winter Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers) dependent care grant (up to 500$) to help with costs on spot or at home (Houston, Texas, January 2019)

Grants and fellowships

The American Association of Physics Teachers has child and dependent care grants up to 400$ to help with costs of bringing small children to the national meeting or increased childcare costs at home.

The Animal Behavior Society offers Caregiver Travel Grant to help members attending the annual meeting with extra costs for dependent care at home or at the meeting.

The American College of Neuropharmacology offers travel grants to members (only!) for attending their annual meetings, including registration for a “significant other” and a childcare stipend of $80 per day, per child. Application in the spring.

The ANU Carer’s career development assistance fund : grants up to 2000$ for childcare or airfares for an accompanying carer. Applications twice a year (for staff of the Australian National University)

The American Ornithological Society offers caregiver grants to support extra childcare at home, on the conference site, or to cover travel and/or registration costs for an accompanying caregiver for their 2019 meeting.

The American Physical Society provides childcare grants of up to $400 per family for extra costs when bringing children or in need of extra care at home during the meetings.

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour offers childcare grants for all of their meetings (running applications, Europe)

The BNA Brain Carer grants (British Neuroscience Association) supports members attending the 2019 meeting with up to £300 to support childcare at home or on-site or travel of a child or accompanying carer. Application deadline January 25, 2019.

Boston University Graduate Education offers grants of up to 500$ to help graduate students presenting at professional conferences with extra childcare costs.

The Capstone Editing Carer’s Travel Grant for Academic Women (Australia and New Zealand)

The Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation supports talented young women with children, granting a “monthly financial grant to pay for assistance in household chores and for additional childcare”, including cleaning help and babysitters or childcare at conferences. For PhD students or postdocs at a German institution or postdocs who obtained their degree in Germany. Next application deadline: November 30 2018 .

The College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences of the University of Glasgow (UK) offers a £250 Carer’s Conference fund to help with additional costs of child or adult dependent care during conferences or training.

Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (UK), supporting “outstanding scientists at an early stage of their research career who require a flexible working pattern due to personal circumstances, such as parenting or caring responsibilities or health-related reasons”, including funds for child care at conferences or research stays.

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory offers childcare for most of its events on its Heidelberg site (Germany) for a registration cost of €100 per child per conference. Apply 6 weeks before the event.

The EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) provides childcare grants of up to 1000 euros to attend any of the 90+ events they subsidize, to be used for childcare at home or on-site, travel costs for the children and/or accompanying carers to the meeting.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities at University of East Anglia 
has a Childcare Conference Support Fund that helps with extra costs of attending conferences, workshops or fieldwork (UEA, UK).

The Institute of Physics (IOP) carer’s fund (up to 250£) helps members with extra costs for dependent care (including babysitting and after school activities) while attending a physics related meeting .

The Microbiology society provides members with society conference grants to attend their annual conference or one other society meeting per year. An additional sum of up to £500 is available to support childcare or caring costs.

The Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN)’s Carer Career’s Fund provides up to £250 of support to employees and students with caring responsibilities to help with extra costs when attending professional development events (Oxford University, UK).

The Open Bioinformatic Foundation Travel Fellowships, of up to $1000, can be used for childcare among many other things. For underrepresented demographic or ethnic groups to present at events promoting open bioscience.

The Physiological Society‘s Carer’s fund supports “members with caring responsibilities, as well as those that need carers” and goes “towards the cost of the attendee’s care arrangements for any meeting or workshop that [the society] organises. The Society also has research grants “to support physiologists in their first permanent academic position or returning to a permanent position after a career break”.

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study has childcare funds as part of their fellowship (Harvard University, USA).

The Royal Astronomical Society has been offering carer’s grants for previous meetings, more info to come soon about the 2019 meeting.

The Royal Society Research Grants: “A scheme for scientists in the UK who are at an early stage in their career or returning from a career break and want to purchase specialised equipment and consumables.”

The Society for Applied Microbiology offers registration fee grants and extra £300 Care Giver Support Grant to their members.

The Society for Psychophysiological Research offers family care grants (up to $400 per family) to help supporting dependents at home or at their annual meeting. (USA)

The Swiss National Science Fundation covers childcare for recipients of their PhD and postdoc mobility fellowships (Switzerland).

Te Punaha Matatini, Center for Research Excellence at University of Auckland, NZ, preferably sponsors meeting providing parents’ rooms with access to live-streaming of the presentations.

The University of Glasgow College of Medical Veterinary and Life Sciences has Carers’ Conference Funds of up to 250£ to help with caring responsibilities.

The Wellcome Genome Campus carer grant helps with childcare costs at home or with an official provider on the meeting site. Application to be submitted via their online form by the meeting/course registration date (UK).

The West Virginia University Family Travel Program offers up to $800 per year for extra cost related to dependent care during professional travel. For postdocs and early faculty, no deadline. (WVU, USA).

The Women’s Acadmic Fund at Queensland University offers maternity and carer funding to ensure work continues while on leave and to support attendance to conferences and meetings. It looks like the program might be closed ? (Australia)

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